Things to Consider When Choosing a Hot Tub

Find Out What Hot Tub Features and Options are Right for You


When it comes to hot tubs, the breadth of options and features can be overwhelming. Do you want a model that can be connected to a pool or do you prefer freestading? Are you looking for basic, therapeutic or aesthetic features? If these questions send your mind reeling, the following considerations may help to clarify your needs. 


The placement of your hot tub will determine many other important factors, including size and shape. When choosing the location of your new hot tub, consider the following:

Will it be connected to the pool or separate? Depending on the functionality of the hot tub and aesthetics of the backyard, it can be placed near the pool or stand alone. Or perhaps you do not have a pool and want to create a space of which the hot tub is the center. 

Will the placement affect the size and shape? If there is a specific size and shape in mind, finding the perfect location in a backyard might be hard.

Do you have the facilities in place to operate the hot tub or will installation need to include electrical or plumbing work? If the hot tub is in ground, making sure the correct plumbing is in place is important. Likewise for a portable hot tub that requires a high voltage outlet.  


The size of the hot tub can depend on how many people will it hold and where will it fit in your yard.

How many people will be in the hot tub? A bigger hot tub will be needed for entertain purposes but if the functionality of the hot tub is a personal spa it does not need to hold more than four people.

Will the size affect location? Make sure if a larger hot tub is desired the space mapped out for the hot tub will support it.


Most hot tubs are typically square or round but it all depends on where it will be placed and how it will be used.

Will the shape affect location? If the hot tub is custom built the shape will be able to conform to the space designated for it but if purchasing a standard portable hot tub the shape might affect where it can be located.

Will it be a custom hot tub or a pre-made hot tub? Again custom hot tubs can be any shape desired, standard hot tubs are typically square.


Depending on certain variables, a hot tub can be used for different things.

Will you be using your spa for simple relaxation or do you require therapeutic features? Are you wanting a spa that you can swim and play in or even exercise and swim laps in? Will you be entertaining in the hot tub? 

Deciding what the main purpose of the hot tub is important in deciding what shape and size it will be and what add on features you will want. 


Like pools, hot tubs need the proper care and maintenance to make them last.

Is a portable hot tub needed or will an in ground hot tub be the right fit? Portable hot tubs have their benefits but they have a separate cleaning system where as an in-ground hot tub is connected to the pools filtration system.

How much will it cost to maintain monthly? Budgeting not only for installment but for maintenance and monthly costs are extremely important.