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Choose a Retail Store You Can Trust!


Choosing the retail store where you will purchase your pool, hot tub and/or pool equipment is just as an important decision. You want a place that supplies you with reliable products, honest rates and service you can trust. An ideal retail store will have customer satisfaction at it’s core to keep your business for years to come. The following are a few things to keep in mind when finding the perfect pool retailer for you.


One of the easiest ways to find a pool retail store that is reliable is to talk to people. Whether it is family and friends or pool forums and reviews online, do some research before making your choice. Ask neighbors or friends that have shopped with them before. Ask them what prompted them to purchase the products or services they did and how the staff helped them in their decision. Do they regret their purchase or do they feel they received good guidance? When you feel you’ve found a store with a strong reputation, pay them a visit and talk with their sales team. You’ll get a good sense of how the store is run within 5 minutes of visiting. 


Owning and caring for a pool or hot tub can take a lot of work. A good pool retailer often offer education and water testing services to help you keep it clean and running smoothly. They should also offer reliable troubleshooting for chemical or equipment issues and guide you on where to go if you require a service or repair that they cannot meet in-house. When visiting a retailer, be prepared with specific questions for their staff to gauge their level of knowledge and service.

Supplies and Customer Service

Your business is important to the pool retail store you choose. An important factor to you should be how they treat you as a customer and if their inventory supports your needs. Look for any follow up through email or phone call after you initially purchase with them or go in to talk to them about bigger purchases. Consistent follow up is a good sign that they care about keeping your business.

When you do visit, ask staff on the floor about inventory. If they don’t have something, they should offer to order it for you. If using a store for pool equipment and products on a frequent basis, pay attention to how they treat your business. Notice if they keep record of your purchases and how they treat you when you visit. If you are satisfied, stick with this kind of retailer.