Get Started with a Professional CPSA Pool Builder

Choose Your Pool Builder with Confidence! 


Building the perfect pool means first choosing the perfect pool builder. You’re trusting this company with a large investment, so you’ll want to be sure that your chosen builder is trustworthy, skilled, and capable of completing the project. 

Ask About the Company

One tell-tale sign of a legitimate pool builder is the pool company itself. Find out how long the company has been in business and how many pools they have completed in that time. Ask about the structure of the company to get a sense of how they operate and manage their business. Ask to see a portfolio of their work. This should give you an idea of what the builder is capable of. Make sure that the portfolio includes recent projects as well, completed within the last twelve months. Designers come and go with many pool companies, so recent work will be a better indication of what they will deliver.

Check Credentials

Credentials should be readily shared when you begin communicating with a builder, but just in case, be sure to ask. Make sure they have all relevant licenses and insurance in place and ask if they are bonded. You can check that their license is current with the State Licensing Board.  

Are They Financially Stable?

Not all good pool builders are good business men. Yet this should be given equal consideration to their skills. A financially unstable company could cause you a lot of problems. If a company goes banker while mid-project, you could be left with a big mess and a significant financial loss. It can be difficult to determine when a business is in financial trouble as this information will not be shared with you by a bank or insurance company. But there are signs you can look for. Has the company recently changed names? While this could be innocent, they could be starting again due to financial trouble. Ask for an explanation. If they have also changed location, then they may be running from money problems. If they push you for larger than normal deposits, or ask you to make the check out to a person rather than the company name, you should be suspicious. In California, it is illegal to request more than %10 or $1000, whichever is less. The only exception to this is if they have provided a payment and performance bond, in which case they can request any amount they choose for a deposit. 

Ask About the Construction Process

Building a pool is a tedious process, and can easily get out of hand if not managed properly. Ask the builder to walk you through their typical construction process. It’s also important to find out if they do all work in-house or if they use subcontractors. If they do use subcontractors, ask if they are managed by the an in-house foreman. It may also be a good idea to check the licenses and insurance of their subs for added protection.

Ask if they have a show room that you can visit to gain ideas on what you would like to see in your pool. Ask how you’ll be kept informed throughout each phase of construction. Many pool builders are making use of modern software that will allow you to track and observe your pool project progresses. 

Ask About Warranty

Your new pool is a big purchase, but the financial commitment doesn’t end with the construction. You’ll continue to invest in your pool throughout its life with regular maintenance and repair. A good warranty program could save you a lot of money should anything go wrong during those first few years. Ask your builder about his warranty program, and get it in writing before moving forward. Make sure the builder is upfront about which warranties are offered and what each warranty entails. Make sure there are no hidden clauses within the warranties so that you can proceed with confidence.