Get Started with a Professional CPSA Hot Tub Installer

Choose Your Installer with Confidence!


Having a hot tub installed in your backyard is a big commitment. Aside from safety considerations, you want an installer that will work with you to find the best location and position that meets both your practical and design needs. To get his level of personalized service and professionalism, you need to find a dealer that is detail oriented and customer centered. Although price may be a driving factor in your decision, remember that experience and service will pay off in the long run and bring the peace of mind that the job has been done right. To help narrow your search, look for the following when choosing your California hot tub installer.


Your hot tub is an investment. You’ll want to know that the installer has the experience and qualification to do the job properly. When interviewing a hot tub installer, don’t be shy about asking for credentials and customer referrals. Ask about their background and experience, but do a little digging yourself. Check out their website, if they have one. Google the company and see what people are saying about them. Take time to discuss the unique requirements of your installation to see what they recommend and if they’ve ever worked with similar conditions, issues or requirements. Ask about their installation process, including what steps are taken should they run into unexpected delays or issues.  


Are they licensed, bonded and insured? This could make all the difference in determining if your installer is a true professional. Bonding and insurance could protect you should they not complete the job properly or damage your property during the installation. You can check if an installer is licensed in California on the Department of Consumer Affairs website. Find out if they are actively involved in any industry associations. Installers that are members of a credible industry association like the CPSA will often be required to participate in ongoing education to keep their skills current. Most experienced professionals will let you know their credentials up front, but it never hurts to ask again. 

Attention to Detail

You will want to make sure that your hot tub installer pays close attention to all detail, taking time and care to complete the installation thoroughly. Most customer reviews will address this as it is an important factor of the installation process. Did they take their time or were they rushed? Did they clean up after themselves? Did they respect your property and take care with your things, including the hot tub itself? Ask others that have used them or check out reviews on sites like Angie’s List.

It’s also important that they can map out the expenses not only for the steps of installation but give you a basic run down of ongoing maintenance costs as well. They should clearly communicate with you the costs of all materials, labor, and warranties. Find out how they handle delays or problems during the installation. An experienced and professional installer will be aware of all aspects of the project and be able to prepare you for any possible delays or hiccups in the installation.